The RF playground is a 5,000 square foot purpose-built facility. Complete with a sophisticated film & photography studio, edit and colour suites, viewing cinema, bar, boardroom, production offices and a gear room that will make anyone giddy.

Bolt - Cinebot

The only one of its kind in New Zealand. Whether you're after high-speed, precision or repeatable moves, our Bolt Cinebot motion control robot system is the perfect tool for the job. The Bolt brings to life an entirely new perspective of filming applicable to commercials, table top work, film or television. Capable of horizontal and vertical movement at speeds up to four metres per second across nine metres of track and with 180-degrees of rotation in 1-second, the Bolt can keep up with almost anything.

Cinema Drone Systems

Reel Factory were one of the first production companies in New Zealand to be flying multi-rotor drone systems with film cameras. We now house the largest range of cinema drone systems in the country. Our team specializes in capturing stunning aerial cinematography using the latest in both light and heavy lift drone technology. Capable of filming in 4K-8K our suite of rigs include the RED Cinema camera compatible Alta X, the DJI S100 for Sony cameras and the Inspire II with the latest gimbal.

Our crew work closely with the Civil Aviation Authority for all permitting and flight authorisations. Our team consists of highly skilled 102-certified drone pilots and hot-head operators.

FPV Drones

Fly through the sky in ways that seem impossible. With this immersive and intuitive aerial system we can deliver incredibly unique vision, bringing the viewer into spaces that would be otherwise impossible.

Powerful propulsion capabilities combined with a super-wide field of vision provide an unrivalled view. Our rigs are able to fly the RED Komodo, the latest GoPro and the latest DJI FPV system.

Cable Cam

After identifying a gap in the market for a point to point zip-line type cable cam system that is self-powered and easy to setup, Reel Factory invested in New Zealand's only 48V Dactyl Cam Pro Cable Cam System. When coupled with the Shotover G1 this piece of equipment is by far the best in its league, allowing unique camera positions that would otherwise be unachievable. 

The system has been tried and tested on the world stage in live broadcast productions, commercials, feature films and a variety of live sports events.

Rover Cam

Capable of hitting speeds of up to 90KM/H, Rover Cam can carry any of RF's suite of cinema grade cameras and gimbals to achieve rock solid imagery. A two man operation with a vehicle driver and a gimbal operator, Rover Cam offers up a unique perspective at high speed.

Stabilisation Systems

The Shotover G1 & Freefly MōVi offer up a whole new freedom of camera movement. These systems draw on advanced stabilisation technology to achieve amazingly smooth footage in even the most demanding situations. Each system is transportable nationally or internationally.

These rigs are compatible with an array of different camera systems and prime cinema lenses. Put through their paces hanging out the side of helicopters, under drones, attached to jetskis and planes, on our custom tracking vehicles or strapped to boats, these systems consistently perform well in the toughest of situations.

High Speed Tracking Vehicle

The only of its kind in Auckland - our custom built tracking vehicle for track use and open roads with rock solid image stabilisation.

Our STI WRX is set up to be legally driven anywhere around New Zealand without the need for road closure or pilot vehicles for filming purposes. We can seat up to three people plus a driver so your DOP, Director and additional crew member are all comfortable no matter where you go. The stabilisation system is bought to you by SHOTOVER with the G1 attached to the latest Flowcine Blackarm.

Off Road Tracking Vehicle

The Ford Ranger camera car is built legally for any road and all terrain use. The stabilisation system is bought to you by SHOTOVER with the G1 attached to the latest Flowcine Blackarm. This set up can be legally driven anywhere around New Zealand without the need for road closure or pilot vehicles for filming purposes. This set up has been utilised on beaches, farms and 4WD tracks.

We can seat up to three people plus a driver so your DOP, Director and additional crew member are all comfortable no matter where you go. 

Film Studio

Built by filmmakers for filmmakers, we have created a home away from home style shooting space, utilising every room in the building to suit production companies, photographers, agencies and clients. A space to suit all, with separate makeup and wardrobe rooms, a lounge-style green room and outdoor area, separate photography space and a modular food prep/kitchen area for all types of food production or product shots.

Our main studio has a large 12m x 11m white infinity cyclorama shooting space with a fully certified grid at 5.5m high. We offer a full rail curtain blackout option and an 18m x 5.5m seamless digital green screen, the floor can also be prepped to be entirely green or black. The studio has a large 5m wide by 7m high access roller door for lighting and film trucks or a drive on set, with two 3 phase 63amp power-points. Check out Century Studios for more info.

Vehicle Lighting

The only purpose-built vehicle lighting rig in NZ, custom made to include:

- 7m long by 3m wide
- Two layers of full seamless diffusion, to ensure even light distribution
- High output bi-colour LED system with complete control from 3000KVA – 6000KVA
- Perfectly balanced from one single point for manoeuvrability in studio
- Winch operated for precise positioning 

This is the perfect light system for car photography and cinematography. With a quick setup time, it enables you to shoot multiple vehicles in a day with ease.

RED Cinema Cameras

The biggest productions in the world rely on RED for their imagery - as do we. Shooting on the biggest canvas possible allows creators to unlock more creative flexibility to capture true-to-life organic imagery.

In house we have the latest 8K RED Helium, 6K RED Komodo, two 5K RED Geminis and two 6K RED Dragon kits. Each camera system will fly on all of our custom made mounts and gimbals across the drone systems, cable cam, tracking vehicles and more. Whether it be a feature film, commercial, television show or music video this camera covers you in every aspect imaginable. See why Mark Toia chooses RED below.

Phantom Flex 4K

The Phantom Flex 4K camera system is one of two in NZ. Having the ability to shoot up to 2,000 frames per second unlocks a whole new world of cinematography. Tailored for both production and live broadcast, wour in-house camera team have the most experience in the country with these beautiful camera systems.

Images filmed at 1,000 frames per second are simply magical - from action sports to abstract colour, the Flex 4K’s image gives any production a unique and compelling advantage. The super 35mm CMOS sensors full resolution of 4096 x 2304 results in unbelievably crisp detail.

360 Virtual Reality

Reel Factory has been producing 360 films since the technology first originated. Our VR solutions help tell stories in this new and exciting medium, engaging people like never before with a complete top to tail delivery.

8K 360 is the new era - finally the technology has caught up to our expectations. The workflows are streamlined, the camera systems are versatile and the devices you can now view the 360 films on are of great quality. 


We provide a custom in house post-production solution for any type of media from television shows to commercials, promo videos, music videos and more. With an all in-house solution for post-production the process is streamlined and easy. Within the factory we have:

- Three offline edit suites
- Colour grading / online suite
- Ultra HD 300inch viewing theatre with reclining seats to fit 10 clients comfortably 
- 250TB mastering and archiving stand-alone storage system 

Our full-time post-production team consists of a Colourist, two Senior Offline Editors and a Junior Editor.

The Bar

The first thing that was built when the factory was constructed. Always an ice cold IPA on tap and a well stocked top shelf - swing in for an arvo beer.