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Representing the intersection of Art and Technology 

A Boutique Production company created to bring the best high end capture techniques and post production services to allow unrestricted creativity. Reel Factory owns and operates only the best camera systems currently on the market for digital cinema production.

Our team is here to take on all entertainment in the creation of commercials, corporate films, motion pictures, music videos and television series. With in house Phantom, aerial cinematography, stabilization platforms and custom made cinema rigs Reel Factory has the means to push a project to its limits in every visual aspect. We do things a little differently than most - bringing a unique dynamic to any project.

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17 Oct 2017

Unitec - Looks like a classroom to us "Architecture"

The Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae was the perfect setting for the "Architecture" piece in the "Looks like classroom to us" series for Unitec. We teamed up with...

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11 Jan 2017

Shapeshifter "Her" music video

Was a blast working with the Shapeshifter boys on this one. Dans vision coupled with the track created a beauty of a piece - this little number has a lot of...

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8 Dec 2016

Jaguar - The Art of Performance

We worked with Y&R and flew down to Christchurch to check out and capture the Jaguar "Art of Performance" Tour. Unfortunately we didn't get a drive but...

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28 Nov 2016

Burger King - Joseph Parker $2 Whoppers

Was a pleasure working with our mate Joe again, leading in to his WBO World Title Fight. We worked with Colenso on this and layed the $2 Whopper deal...

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24 Nov 2016

Unitec - Looks like a classroom to us "Sport Science"

This was the second in the "Looks like a classroom to us" series which we created alongside Republik for Unitec. We had a blast out on the West Coast both...

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4 Oct 2016


SHOTOVER systems represent the next generation in aerial cinematography, allowing filmmakers to work faster and more efficiently while delivering...

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3 Oct 2016

My Food Bag - Meadow Restaurant Takeover

My Food Bag did a takeover of Meadow Restaurant and we were there to capture it! Video Client Pead PR / My Food Bag...

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1 Sep 2016

Air New Zealand - You Got Sprung

With the help of our mate Julian Dennison, we went around the country brightening up peoples days for the first day of spring with Air New Zealand. ...

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25 Aug 2016


Sports broadcasting has three new kids on the block, with self-proclaimed failed sportsmen, George Harper Jnr, Anthony (Ants) Niterl, and ...

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