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Pixel perfect precision - unachievable without a robot 🤖 Thankfully we have one 😎 @mrmoco1⁠
#bolt #cinebot #cinerobot #mrmoco1 #phantomflex #reelfactory #creativityisboss Red light district in Century Studios 😎👹🎥⁠
#redcinema #redhelium8k #cookeoptics #skysport #merch #reelfactory #creativityisboss A look into our post-production department within the RF HQ 😎 Three offline edit suits, colour grading suite, mastering and archiving robot along with our custom theatre 😯⁠⠀
#postproduciton #editsuite #officegoals #reelfactory #creativityisboss Greenscreen Fridays in Century Studios 🤮😎🎥⁠
#greenscreen #centurystudios #simtrav #carlighting #softbox #reddigital #arri #impala #ssimpala #tvc #reelfactory #creativityisboss


Our mission is to connect world-class talent with end to end facilities for all stages of commercial creation under one roof. We are an ever-evolving production company, we operate with a no-bullshit attitude and a full in-house model.​

Our roots are in action and adventure, yet our directors and production team have worked across a wide range of genres with an array of brands. You’ll be hard pushed to find another production company set up with a similar stance.

Our mission is to think big - Challenge us!

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25 May 2020

Mudbrick Vineyard

Mudbrick Vineyard is one of the most well-established vineyards on Waiheke - and potentially the most beautiful in the country.  ~ A tale of romance at...

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29 Apr 2020

Production through Covid -19

Our production industry is facing major disruption with Covid-19 closing down and delaying shoots nationwide. These unprecedented times call for calm...

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22 Apr 2020

Kia Seltos | Brand TVC

The latest in a series of brand TVCs for the new Kia Seltos.  All in a days work within our very own studio with the custom-built lightbox, a killer...

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17 Mar 2020

Sky Sport / ANZ Premiership

All in a days work with the legend athletes from the ANZ Netball Premiership! One TVC out of a series yet to come out for the next round of the Netball season...

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2 Mar 2020

Tourism NZ - This is how we Winter

It’s very true that we winter well down here in NZ. It’s also very true that we love having mates over for a visit, and to show them a good time. So...

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10 Feb 2020

A series of content we have been working on for quite some time, with the good people at Many Minds, NZ Story and the beautiful director Felicity Morgan-Rhind...

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7 Feb 2020

LesMills - Ondemand

The latest series for LesMills was created entirely for vertical outputs across Instagram and Facebook. Every camera used was positioned to shoot...

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20 Dec 2019

Mad Mike - Lamborghini Huracan

When Mad Mike takes to his brand new Lamborgini Huracan with a grinder you know it's going to be an insane result.  We helped out the guys at...

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11 Dec 2019

SL Food Series BTS

A behind the scenes look into a shoot with an award-winning Chef, his signature dishes, the fastest cine robot in the world coupled with our Phantom 4K Flex...

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