Stabilisation systems

Our team have been at the forefront of gimbal & stabilisation technology from the beging of brushelss gimbals. We were the first to be running the Freefly Movi's in New Zealand and havent loooked back since! We now house the largest gimbal collection in New Zealand with the Shotover G1, five Freefly Movi systems and more to come in the near future. 


With the technology of the Shotover G1 MōVI, the art of filmmaking will never be the same bringing big-budget camera moves to your productions. The MōVI system draws on the advanced stabilization technology developed for for amazingly smooth footage in even the most demanding situations. Each system is completely transportable nationally or internationally.


The system can carry an array of cameras from all our in house platforms with Prime Cinema lens’s. Our system has been put through its paces being run all over the world in and out of full sized helicopters, under our Drones, off jetski’s, planes, on our custom tracking vehicles and boats. If you want a crew with experience using the gimbal systems - look no further. 

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