Red Cinema Cameras

A key tool in our arsenal of motion capture technology is the collection of Red Cinema Cameras. In house we have the latest 8K Helium, 5K Gemini low light camera and two 6K Dragon kits. Each camera system will fly on all of our custom made mounts and gimbals across the drone systems, cable cam, tracking vehciles and much more. Wether it be a feature film, commercial, televsion show or music video this piece of equipment covers you in every aspect imaginable. 


Every 6K frame is a 19 megapixel RAW image, which is up to 9x more pixels than 1080p HD. The amount of picture detail found in a 6K image goes beyond that of 35mm, comparing only to 65mm in image density. This means more precise VFX plates, reframing flexibility, and less aliasing artifacts and moiré. Even when outputting 6K footage to 4K or HD, your images will be cleaner and crisper compared to those captured at lower resolutions. When it comes to resolution, bigger is better.


Vibrant colors, smoother skin tones, and improved tonal variations are just a few of the advantages of the RED Cinema color science. Brilliant hues and accurate subtleties stand out in every frame, producing RAW images that are true to life. The next generation of sensor technology requires the next generation of color science.

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