Live Broadcast Drone is a new and exciting space to be working in, along with our purpose built heavy lift drone system we have included the MoVi M15 camera gimbal for rock steady stabilisation. This system carries a Panasonic GH4 camera with broadcast back, we have attached a B4 mount to allow Canon or Fujinon wide angle lens along with iris, zoom and focus control. Backing up the camera system we are running a cobham nano video link system that can send the drone feed up to 1km away, the drone feed runs from a ground station via fibre into the broadcast truck.  

With the latest battery, motor and propeller technology our system is achieving up to 15 minute flight times, the system can reach speeds of up to 80kmh and is capable of handling winds up to 25kmh, with a height ceiling of 400ft this is the perfect system for creating endless dynamic shots. 

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