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Connecting New Zealand filmmakers to Japan – built by Producers for Producers


Production Service in Japan! Reel Factory and Mr+Positive are bridging the gap of production service between New Zealand and Japan. We bring a combination of 30+ years of experience, producing crafted content for the world’s best filmmakers. Whilst others struggle to deliver world-class service, we provide agility and connectivity with the best available bilingual crew on both sides of the world.

The relationship between RF & Mr+P has formed to make the production process from New Zealand to Japan an easy and enjoyable one for all clients. From equipment rental, casting, location scouting, bookings, permits, and much more, collaboratively we can service all your production needs from the shores of NZ, to Japan. Our reputation for leveraging the best creative resources to deliver the best production value is unmatched. Where others see obstacles, we sees opportunities. It's our can-do attitude that makes us the positive production force you're looking for.




Remote Positivity

Pre-Production sorted from opposite sides of the globe. We offer a tried and tested production platform to bridge the gap between NZ and Japan. We’ve been doing remote PPM’s, casting & location scouts for years. When you turn up to set you know ever little bit of detail is going to be covered throughout production. It’s even the little things like the best izakaya in Japan for dinner and local Karaoke bar for desert that are all part of the package. It’s the local knowledge with professionalism you can’t find anywhere else.


Japanese culture and traditions are incredibly unique, making it a dream destination for a lot of travellers. The Japanese have one of the most welcoming and respectful cultures in the world. On the one hand Japanese culture is immersed in a rich history and deep traditions dating back thousands of years; on the other Japanese society is in a continual state of rapid change, and is continuously evolving with new trends in fashion, technology that push the boundaries of what is possible. It’s part of our service to make sure you get immersed in authentic Japan.


Japan has four distinct seasons. March to May is Spring . The cold begins to abate and legions of people flock to famous cherry blossom viewing spots around the country. June to August is summer, which is the season for fireworks shows, festivals, and other major events.

September to November is Autumn. Many shrines and temples are known for their beautiful autumn leaves. It is the best season for travel, with day after day of good weather.

December to February is Winter where Nagano, Hokkaido, Tohoku, and other mountainous areas get mass amounts of snowfall and have some of the best ski resorts in the world.


Film equipment can be very expensive to hire in Japan with some camera equipment being hard to find. The Collab between RF & Mr+ means we can deliver the most cost effective production service available. Our team have been moving our specialised camera equipment globally for decades. The relationship Mr+Positive has with local import agents makes it very easy for us to bring our own specialty kit in for productions. For everything else like lighting, grip trucks etc, Mr+Positive has all the best contacts across Japan.

Film Permits & Permissions & Visas

It can be tricky to navigate film permitting in Japan if you don’t have good local knowledge, which is where our services really come to shine. We have a great relationship with local film authorities from years of filming in Japan. We will sort out all film permits and visas, ensuring that everything is in place from when you set foot in Japan to when you head back home.


If you need cast for your production, we can put together show reels of local talent. Casting within Japan can sometimes be a challenge as diversity is limited, but we can look further afield if needed to find actors and presenters to suit your specific requirements.

Travel & Accommodation

It can be daunting trying to find accommodation in Japan as there are so many options! We can assist or completely take care of all accommodation while visiting as well as building all your travel arrangements by sea, plane or ground. We can arrange all ground transportation with trusted drivers and vehicles, be it crew vans to equipment trucks.


Japanese cuisine (和食, washoku) offers an abundance of gastronomical delights. Restaurants in Japan range from mobile food stands to centuries old ryotei, atmospheric drinking places, seasonally erected terraces over rivers, and unique theme restaurants. Mr+Positive never fails to immerse our crews in authentic Japanese Cuisine – if that’s not for you he also knows the best western eateries to cater for our crew.


The best part about filming in Japan – the incredible locations! Our local crew in Japan know the best locations to hit your commercial requirements evert time. Japan has a very distinctive look and is well known for its high-rise, neon drenched cities, with Tokyo, Osaka, and others making for vibrant filming locations. Away from the urban chaos you’ll find traditional villages, untouched open countryside and interesting natural features from volcanoes to white sandy beaches, making it ideal for all sorts of productions. High-profile commercial shoots are regular visitors in Japan. For the global filmmaker, Japan offers an incredible variety of urban and rural locations. See below for a taste of what is on offer in the Land of the Rising Sun.








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