Gary has been in the industry for almost 30 years, his meticulous eye for detail was honed by his background as an editor. Starting his career in London at Mosaic Films, he has worked on Documentary, Drama, Music Promo, Animation and TVC, for world class broadcasters like BBC, ITV, SKY, National Geographic, Discovery and Channel Four. 


He is a storyteller with a keen eye for detail and is constantly looking for those engaging moments. He specialises in food, but is a great all round director and maintains the ability to think like an editor while shooting, allowing him to problem solve quickly and take immediate advantage of unplanned situations.


Regardless of the client or the genre, Gary knows that great stories are the heartbeat of all great communication, but the key to guaranteeing a great story that sticks to the hearts and minds of its intended audience, is all in the execution.


His portfolio of work beautifully demonstrates his abilities at a wide range of filmmaking techniques – always at the service of visual story telling, he constantly strives to push his productions further. To collab with Gary contact the RF team.