We have spent years filming car commercials in and out of the studio. Generally, each DOP has their own way of building light sources and softboxes for lighting a car. For those studio shoots, we have always dreamed of the perfect light source – so we went and built one. RF now own and operate the only purpose-built vehicle light in NZ! 


The system is completely custom made:

  • 7m long by 3m wide
  • Two layers of full seamless diffusion, to ensure even light dispersion
  • High output bi-colour LED system with complete control from 3000KVA – 6000KVA
  • Perfectly balanced from one single point for maneuverability in studio
  • Winch operated for precise positioning 



This is the perfect light system for car photography and cinematography. With a quick setup time, it enables you to shoot multiple vehicles in a day with ease. This is the only lighting rig of its kind in New Zealand, another great tool in our arsenal of equipment to further the production value on any vehicle commercial! Get in touch if you are after the best car cinematography around.

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