360 Virtual Reality

Reel Factory has been producing 360 films since the technology first originated. Our VR solutions help you tell your stories in this new and exciting medium, engaging people like never before with a complete top to tail delivery. 8K 360 is the new era, finally the technology has caught up to our expectations. The workflows are streamlined, the camera systems are versatile and the devices you can now view the 360 films on are of great quality. 


Reel Factory have a vision of expanding the virtual reality world by producing high quality 360° video & VR content for any market’s demand. Our goal is to create live-action experiences using 360º video services that can be viewed on any computer, cell phone, mobile devices and head-mounted display like the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR. Our production services will be able to revolutionize any industry by creating powerful tools for tourism agencies, therapy, education and live events. This new medium is not only a great new way to launch a marketing campaign and get real interaction from your clients but will also yield spectacular and memorable results.


Our 360 systems can be rigged to any of our camera platforms from the Drone systems to the cable cam, vehicle mounts, motorbikes, jetski's, scooters - you name it we can make it work.


How does 360 video work?

The main components to creating a 360 video include shooting, organizing, stitching and viewing. Having an immersive virtual panorama allows your audience to be immersed in a seamless 360 degree visual environment that offers far more contextual information than your standard video content. We have the resources and necessary expertise to create outstanding interactive virtual tour packages, we have several mounts and have different solutions for every type of shoot.


Reel Factory provides end-to-end production services for 360° video content. Our team of professionals will help you manage your production so that the final product meets your goals and expectations. From conceptualization through pre-production, shooting, stitching and deployment – we are the professional content creation company dedicated to serving your needs.



We have various 360 rigs that will work with an array of camera movement platforms. These new systems are light weight, portable and capture 2D images in all directions with complete overlap for stitching with "nadir holes" (gaps in the image). We have systems that utilise 8, 6 and 2 cameras - each have a best fit for certain spaces or environments. 

The minimal offset between cameras reduces image stitch errors when subject is close to the camera. All of our rigs are suited for background plates, VFX work and scene capture where a portable camera with high pixel count is required.

This kit comes complete with everything you will need, including a custom power solution that powers all cameras for 4+ hours on one battery, custom low profile wires and syncing options. Our team will take care of your needs from the initial brief through to completion of the project. 


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