Vince McMillan

Air New Zealand | The First Haul
Curious Tribe - Travel Promo
Racing - Misbehaving
AUT 90"
Sherpa "Turtles" Music Video
Vince Showreel 2017

Vince is an experienced director with strong cinematic sensibilities and an instinctive ear for music - qualities that distinguish his voice as a filmmaker.


As a proficient director, editor and camera operator, Vince has worked on a range of projects from commercials to short films and music videos.


Growing up in South Auckland, he developed an interest in moving image from an early age. Equipped with a Handycam and a group of friends, what started as a hobby ended up becoming a real passion and career. After studying film, Vince worked further on his craft through shadowing some of Australasia’s highly regarded commercial directors and leading significant projects of his own.