Stabilisation systems


With the technology of the MōVI M15, the art of filmmaking will never be the same.

Bring big-budget camera moves to your productions. The MōVI M15 draws on the advanced stabilization technology developed for the MōVI M10 allowing for amazingly smooth footage in even the most demanding situations.



From Alexa M to Sony F55 with Cinema lenses, the MōVI M15 allows you to run with your preferred setup. If your arms can handle the load, so can the M15.




The M15 is built as light as possible maintaining structural rigidity and robustness, because if you are carrying a 15 pound payload in front of you, the last thing you want is to add a lot more weight.


Reel Factory were the first to be operating the Movi system in New Zealand, which has seen our equipment and crew work on some of the largest commercials and productions throughout NZ with our custom systems. We offer two custom built M15’s and two M10 rig’s all with full wireless HD video ready for live broadcast and dual operator operation with wireless follow focus and iris control. The M15 is designed for the most demanding cinema packages while still maintaining a lightweight frame. Each system is completely transportable nationally or internationally.


The system is so advanced, it redefines the possibilities for camera movement. The creation of this camera gimbal is to empower a new era of stabilised cinematography. The system can carry an array of cameras from all our in house platforms with Prime Cinema lens’s. Our system has been put through its paces being run all over the world in and out of full sized helicopters, under our Drones, off jetski’s, planes, out of vehicles and boats – if you want a crew with experience using the Movi systems - look no further. 

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