Shapeshifter "Her"

Video Details

Dan Watkins
Chris Watkins
Marc McCarthy
Production Company: 
Reel Factory


Awesome to work on a project with one of our favourite bands. This little number has a lot of meaning to it - a spiritual yet mystical voice, the video transports viewers across the cosmos to the exotic, otherworldly terrain.

Based on the journey of a spirits transcendence she's an intensely symbolic piece - stoked to have the opportunity to create this with the Shapeshifter lads. A huge thank you to everyone involved!

Director: Dan Watkins
DOP: Chris Watkins
Cam Assist: Hamish Trott
Editor: Marc McCarthy
GFX: Bunker Media
Producer: Bex Morrison
Prod Coord: Amie Gellert
Stylist: Darya Bing / Angela Stewart
Lighting: Chris Fawcett 
LX Assist: Chris Ruain

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