Control of a camera on the light lift drone has never been so stable. Capable of handling winds of up to 35kmph while still delivering unprecedented stable footage, the need for post stabilisation is nil. Using the DJI Zenmuse gimbal that is made for the Panasonic GH4, Black Magic Pocket or Sony A7s - the video coverage and camera are permanently solid. The video feed from the light lift system is an SD feed which comes with director and client monitors capable of a solid live feed up to 1km’s distance.


This specific system has been used for years on all sorts of television productions in New Zealand from The Block NZ, The Bachelor, My First Home and various large scale international shows not to mention commercials and music videos. 


With flight times between 15 - 25 minutes carrying any of the above camera’s, the system is capable of flying at speeds of up to 90kmph for tracking shots of all types, distances of up to 1km away with a height limit of 400ft. The light lift machine is a little more agile than the heavy lift, which means it is a slightly better for high speed tracking shots and precision flying. 



- Light Lift cinema drone

- Zenmuse gimbal
- 2 x Remotes (one for drone pilot and one for camera operator)

- SD Video feed, 1km distance

- 2 x Small HD 7inch monitors

- 12 sets of flight batteries

- All necessary battery chargers

- Comms for pilot and camera op

- In house camera either Panasonic GH4 or Black Magic Pocket with 12mm Olympus lens

- Custom built van for transporting equipment ready to fly

- Broken down to 5 cases for national or international travel


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