Johnny Barker

Haunted House_BARKER
Johnny Barker _ Director Showreel
XBOX - Forza Horizon 4 presents The McLaren Senna Vs Motocross Showcase
Music Video Showreel - 2019
Jono & Ben
Burger King - Joseph Parker - $2 Whoppers
Tourism New Zealand | BACKPACKAGRAM | EP1 - Grab a Board
Tourism New Zealand | BACKPACKAGRAM | EP2 - Get Salty
Tourism New Zealand | BACKPACKAGRAM | EP3 - Transport Yourself
Tourism New Zealand | BACKPACKAGRAM | EP4 - Hot and Steamy
NZ Vodafone Music Awards - Opening sketch - Jono And Ben
Coverband - 6 Part Comedy Series
Lotto Ad Parody - Jono & Ben
Air New Zealand - Activewear
Air New Zealand - Pimp My Trolley
Funny Girls
TUI - Mangatainoka - Short & Wide

Johnny brings electric enthusiasm to any project he delves into. He loves the mechanics of the film making process and just can’t shrug off his reputation as an absolute rock-solid Director. Everyone who meets Johnny is instantly won over by his quick wit and sharp creative expression.


With over 15 year’s experience in the film and TV industry. He has directed comedy TV series (Jono and Ben, Funny Girls), TV commercials for Air New Zealand, Burger King and Tourism New Zealand, New Zealand's first children's web series and a multitude of music videos in New Zealand, New York and London.


He is a big believer in finding talent, working with “real people” - and giving them all the support he can in developing their onscreen presence.  Barker has a desire to be constantly evolving as a director and master the craft of filmmaking with beautiful photography, innovative effects, and sensitive performance.