Cinema Drone Systems

Reel Factory specialise in capturing stunning Aerial cinematography using the latest in light and heavy lift cinema drone technology.


Built to Perform

Reel Factory has been leading drone technology since the beginning, being the first in the world to be using multi rotor platforms for film and television. Our crew combines the worlds most experienced pilots, the latest film and video equipment with cutting edge stabilisation technology to ensure the smoothest footage and accurate flight patterns. Only the best techonolgy is incorporated into our cinema drone systems. With the latest battery, motor and propeller technology - our system is achieving up to 15 minute flight times with the likes of the Red Dragon using a variety of cinema lens’s and wireless follow focus. The heavy lift system can reach speeds of 70kmph for tracking shots of all types, distances of up to 1km away with a height limit of 400ft. 


Reel Factory undertakes aerial filming projects anywhere in the world. Our crew is working closely with the Civil Aviation with full 102 certification and Film New Zealand for all permitting and flight authorisations for every job undertaken.


Our team consists of highly trained pilots & and hot head operators who communicate direct to the DOP & Director. With over 30 years combined film experience, our crew delivers results that were not thought possible before. We help turn your project into reality with easy open communication that makes sense to all & provides a safe work environment.



  -  Heavy Lift custom cinema drone 

  -  Freefly MoviPro

  -  2 x Remotes (one for drone pilot and one for camera 

  -  HDSDI Video feed, Paralinx Tomahawke with Array for 1km 

  -  2 x Small HD 7inch monitors 

  -  12 sets of flight batteries 

  -  6 sets of movi batteries 

  -  All necessary battery chargers 

  -  Comms for pilot and camera op 

  -  Wireless follow focus (on prior arrangement) 

  -  In house camera either Red Dragon, Sony FS74K or Black Magic Cinema 
4K with canon 18-35mm lens 
(on prior arrangement)

  -  Custom built van for transporting equipment ready to fly 

  -  Broken down to 8 cases for national or international travel 

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