Cable Cam

REEL FACTORY operates a patent pending “cable cam” system we call the “Flying Fox”. We saw a need for a point to point zip-line type cable cam system that was self powered and easy to setup and operate. Most professional cable cam systems require tremendous amount of work to setup on location and require heavy expensive equipment that can take a box truck to haul. We knew there was nothing that existed like the flying fox in New Zealand.

The system is fully gyro stabilized utilizing the Movi M15 as the under slung gimbal. Using our electronics expertise the system can run up to 1km long and up to speeds of 160 kilometre’s per hour. Coupled with a full HD wireless video feed, wireless hot head and follow focus this unit is perfect for live broadcast, events, sports and all sorts of production to add that specialized fantasy shot and movement.

The system has been tried and tested being run on world stage live broadcast productions, used in commercials, music videos and many sports events. 

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