Quality NZ

9 Mar 2015

Quality NZ approached the RF team several months ago about the concept of producing a TV show to be aired on television throughout India on Star TV. Our crew quickly began pre production on conceptual design with Quality NZ around bringing several well known indian celebrity chefs to New Zealand while the Cricket World Cup is in full swing.

QualityNZ is the connection between the rapidly growing Indian market and New Zealands’s finest quality products. This trade relationship is built on history, mutual passions; and an undeniable love of Cricket. The Cricket World Cup presents a great opportunity to showcase New Zealand and Indias bond through food, travel and of course CRICKET!

Our crew have set off on a two week journey to capture the  authentic and inviting personality of New Zealanders, our cricket enthusiasts and locals as we follow our 3 Indian Chefs and cricket stars culinary journey, whilst emphasizing the exceptional produce and encouraging and inspiring people to see New Zealand. Showing off our country as a destination where they can experience and taste something extraordinary. 

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