Production through Covid -19

29 Apr 2020

Our production industry is facing major disruption with Covid-19 closing down and delaying shoots nationwide. These unprecedented times call for calm and proactive decision-making to ensure that when recovery happens, we as an industry are ready to operate through the different alert levels safely.


We’ve had a fair few people asking us over the last week what the new status quo is with Reel Factory and what production will look like moving forward. This is a quick bite-sized note to let you know that while we’re all isolating pretty damn hard, we’re also working pretty hard too. We want to give our clients a production ‘Scale’ criteria that can help inform what is possible to shoot as we transition out of the Covid-19 lock-down. We believe it will greatly help clients transition swiftly back to bringing their new messages and stories to life again. All of this may mean some additional safety crew and equipment, as well as time taken to do things carefully. These things are all worth it to keep our risk as low as possible.


To get a copy of our Covid health and safety guidelines please contact 

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