The NEW Cinema Ranger

10 Aug 2016

The first of its kind in New Zealand, proud to announce our new Ford Ranger has been rigged for use with our brand new Shotover U1G Stabilized camera system, the only U1G in New Zealand! Creating an invaluable tool to capturing moving footage the camera operator has full control from the gimbal control deck with focus, iris and zoom control. LCD monitors are in the passenger-side front seat with directors and operators monitors in the back seat. 


The Cinema Ranger is amazing for capturing action on the road and off the road for countless applications. The system becomes an “endless dolly” giving a unique, stabilized shot. The system comes equipped with 4 mounting options. The Uni Mount sits above the truck’s cab and provides a nice elevated angle and the ability to shoot 360 degrees from the truck. We also have a Hitch mount that can either be placed on the rear hitch or a custom-installed front hitch, being mounted on a pole system the gimbal can be elvated up to 2.5m off the ground to sit as low as 20cm off the ground. This mount provides for amazing follow cams for the paved roads, dirt roads and other drive-able surfaces. 

Any of our in house camera systems can be run on the Shotover U1G, from the Red Dragon to the Phantom 4kFlex with our Canon 17-120mm cine lens along with almost any lens confirgiraiton while still allowing full fizz controll. 

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