29 Feb 2016

Reel Factory had a great summer of cricket with Sky TV supplying Live Slow Motion replays and Live Drone scenics for the broadcast. 

Our crew spent a total of 3 months on the road, we travelled to a new location every 4 days and covered 31 days of Cricket over the summer period. 

The slow motion replay system is powered using our in house Phantom Flex4K camera with the live broadcast IMOVIX system. The Drone system is our heavy lift cinema rig with the Panasonic GH4 broadcast kit with a Fujinon WA Lens, using full iris, zoom and focus control our team managed brought to screnes some beautiful aerial footage.


#GH4 #Drone #PhantomFlex4K #MoviM15 #Freefly #Aeronavics #fujinon #Imovix

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