15 Dec 2014

In conjunction with Tournsim New Zealan, Air New Zealand the The Hobbit – our team were commissioned to follow a story of a special piece of The Hobbit set to London – for the World Premier of The Hobbit – The Battle of  the Five Armies.

The original concept was put together by Tourism New Zealand and the Hobbiton Crew to bring a piece of Hobbiton to Claridges in London for the Premier. The idea grew into building a full hobbit hole as a set for interviews within the prestigious hotel Claridges. The crew from Hobbiton worked on building a transportable hobbit hole in Matamata, deconstructed it and sent it on its way to London. We followed the journey from original construction, then over to London where the crew rebuilt and covered the entire set in real grass, planting and trees.

The concept of the shoot was to follow the construction of the hobbit hole which was used to interview all the characters from the film in for international media. We then followed the journey of the Premier, talking to the cast and crew about their experiences throughout New Zealand. From this we produced a 4 part online series that was shared through all types of media all over the world!  

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