30 Apr 2015

With one month to go for the Fifa U20’s World Cup held in New Zealand - Fifa and Tourism New Zealand wanted to create a launch video different to anything that had been done before. The original idea of having two of the All White key players have a keepy uppy comp on the rim of the sky tower was signed off and the visual concept brought to life.

Our crew had a morning to shoot the concept and an afternoon to cut it to have the final piece online that afternoon for international and national media to broadcast. Everything was well planned out, the weather was on our side and the boys loved the challenge of being the first to juggle a soccer ball on the perimeter of the sky tower. Check out the clip!

May 16th 2014


The team at redbull NZ and Director Ryan Heron wanted to make an epic clip to release before one of Levi’s big competitions. Ryah hit us with the idea of strapping a Phantom camera to the drone – which would be the first time in the world anyone had put  Phantom onto a drone system.

With a bit of testing we rigged the Phantom Miro with a remote trigger onto the drone. Flying next to Levi at speeds of 5th gear tapped out and right next to him as he superman flips through his own back yard made for some pretty epic footage, the clip cut by Ryan shows it all beautifully!

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