4 Oct 2016

SHOTOVER systems represent the next generation in aerial cinematography, allowing filmmakers to work faster and more efficiently while delivering breathtaking results from the latest cinema cameras and lenses.

Reel Factory are proud to be the ONLY in Australasia to add the SHOTOVER U1 system to their arsenal of equipment. Since the begin- ning of drone cinematography our crew have dreamed of the ultimate machine - SHOTOVER have delivered that, and much, much more. This is the most comprehensive custom made sUAS in the world, offering up camera and lens combinations that no other drone can handle as well as perfect gimbal stability in all conditions. The only drone in the world with dual flight controllers for ultimate safety and over tourqued motors (if one motor goes it will still fly perfectly), the machine is perfect for all commercials, feature films, action sports and live events.

Reel Factory are the only crew in New Zealand with certification from the CAA to be flying a machine of this payload with the best pilots in the country to man such a machine. The Shotover Gimbal can also be rigged to our in house Cable Cam system and 4WD Cinema Ranger or such things as snow mobiles, boats, planes and much more. 


Check out for more info on the machine and to see it in action.

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