Audi | RS4 TVC

29 Jun 2018

We are stoked to share this 60"spot our team have produced with FCB for Audi NZ. A beautiful location, awesome crew, all of our toys and the amazing Audi RS4 made for a fun couple of days. Turn HD on and the sound up!


Directed by Curtis Vowell and DOP'd by Dan Watkins we brought out all the tools of the trade for this one. Shot with our custom tracking vechile, a couple of Red Dragon cameras, a drone, the Phantom 4k Flex with some kick ass drivers we pushed the limits of the vehciles. A dream job with an awesome crew. The 60" went live through social media and the 30" went live through the All Blacks games as a TVC as well as in Cinema pre films and 15" cut downs theres plenty to give! Check it out here

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