Air NZ's A321Neo Hyperlaps

3 Nov 2018

Our mission: Turn several weeks of filming Air New Zealand's NEW A321neo build into a smooth 3-minute film... Safe to say - mission accomplished! Big ups to everyone involved for a first of its kind in the aviation world!

Our crew with Dan's technical vision and creativity set out on a truly unique mission. Our team of three camera operators and a producer spent three weeks in Air Bus's Hamburg headquarters. We were welcomed in as the only outside production company ever to have full unrestricted access at Air Bus for the construction of Air New Zealand's new A321 Neo. Our crew was armed with 9 camera's, several motion control systems from Syrp, a couple of camera gimbals and one hell of a plan to track the build from start to finish. 70% of the production was shot with stills cameras taking a photo somewhere between every 1 to 10 seconds each day of the build. The rest was filmed with motion cameras utilizing lightweight camera gimbals to get into the tight spaces of the plane build. With the combination of full res RAW images from the 5D MarkIII's and our motion cameras, we came away with 5TB worth of footage which needed to be linked into a 3-minute film. 

After 6 weeks in post-production, several days in sound design and a couple of weeks composing a track with Mt Eden Dubstep we just made our deadline for delivery of the film. Our amazing client Air New Zealand put a huge amount of trust in our crew to pull off a first in the aviation world. The film caught viewers eyes throughout the globe featuring on various news segments, landing on all sorts of social media outputs and pushed through all Air New Zealand's social and internal channels achieving well over a million views within a week. Safe to say this was a well-executed plan all thanks to everyone involved from start to finish! Thank you all for your involvement!


Check out the full clip here:


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