15 Sep 2020

New Zealand Story - Honey

A beautiful story of New Zealand Honey for our good friends at New Zealand Story. Directed by the talented Harriett Marie from Film Construction with the...

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16 Jul 2020

Red Bull / Beauden Barrett

Our latest custom-built trick shot course with @redbullnz for @beaudenbarrett which includes getting through @madmike.123 - this...

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13 Jul 2020

30 Seconds | Proposal

One of the lastest commercials for 30 Seconds - the couple who were on their first date from our original commercial a year ago got engaged! https://...

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11 Jul 2020

Emersons Tiny Pub

Emersons Tiny Pub - wound up in some epic spots across the country...   https://vimeo.com/407379650

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9 Jul 2020

Director | Mark Toia

We are beyond excited to offer a collaborating relationship in New Zealand with one of the most sort after Directors in the world, @mark_toia  ⁠⠀...

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17 Jun 2020

Director | Jackie Van Beek

Combining our production muscle with the legend Director Jackie van Beek! With a background in devised theatre, Jackie’s directed on two of Taika and Jemaine’s...

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16 Jun 2020

Wakachangi Larger

Potentially the greatest beer in the world - but not if you ask Stevo.  The only way to shoot something like this is with the Bolt Cinebot - with a Red...

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3 Jun 2020

Aman - Japan

Our crew teaming up with one of the finest production companies in Japan "Mr Positive" to help produce the latest series of films for the luxury hotel chain...

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25 May 2020

Mudbrick Vineyard

Mudbrick Vineyard is one of the most well-established vineyards on Waiheke - and potentially the most beautiful in the country.  ~ A tale of romance at...

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29 Apr 2020

Production through Covid -19

Our production industry is facing major disruption with Covid-19 closing down and delaying shoots nationwide. These unprecedented times call for calm...

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22 Apr 2020

Kia Seltos | Brand TVC

The latest in a series of brand TVCs for the new Kia Seltos.  All in a days work within our very own studio with the custom-built lightbox, a killer...

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17 Mar 2020

Sky Sport / ANZ Premiership

All in a days work with the legend athletes from the ANZ Netball Premiership! One TVC out of a series yet to come out for the next round of the Netball season...

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2 Mar 2020

Tourism NZ - This is how we Winter

It’s very true that we winter well down here in NZ. It’s also very true that we love having mates over for a visit, and to show them a good time. So...

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10 Feb 2020


A series of content we have been working on for quite some time, with the good people at Many Minds, NZ Story and the beautiful director Felicity Morgan-Rhind...

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7 Feb 2020

LesMills - Ondemand

The latest series for LesMills was created entirely for vertical outputs across Instagram and Facebook. Every camera used was positioned to shoot...

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20 Dec 2019

Mad Mike - Lamborghini Huracan

When Mad Mike takes to his brand new Lamborgini Huracan with a grinder you know it's going to be an insane result.  We helped out the guys at...

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11 Dec 2019

SL Food Series BTS

A behind the scenes look into a shoot with an award-winning Chef, his signature dishes, the fastest cine robot in the world coupled with our Phantom 4K Flex...

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9 Dec 2019

SL Food Series

When a superstar Chef approached us to show off some of his award-winning dishes - we knew exactly what tool we would utilize for this production...

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2 Dec 2019

Part Time Rangers

PartTime Rangers is channeling Bay Watch for ‘#Sharkwatch’, a campaign by Pitchblack to promote the drink’s efforts to save the sharks. Featuring...

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11 Oct 2019

Meadowfresh Kalo | Brand TVC

The latest brand TVC for Kalo featuring the beautiful Madeleine Sami. There are a few processes that have improved over time - some things we got right...

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9 Sep 2019

Alt | Brand TVC

The latest marketing campaign by the largest Kiwi-owned vaping company is attracting international attention.  Alt New Zealand’s campaign, which...

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30 Aug 2019

Air New Zealand | All Blacks

Always a good time working with our friends at Air New Zealand. There is a huge history of the AB's visiting the nation before heading off on a World Cup...

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13 Aug 2019

A first in New Zealand!

RF is proud to finally offer the only high-speed cine robot to NZ shores! The Bolt High-Speed Camera Robot is the fastest of its kind – capturing images in...

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12 Aug 2019

30 Seconds - Brand TVC

The latest series of TVC's for 30 seconds produced with the good people at Open Communications with Perry Bradley at the helm directing.  https://vimeo...

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11 Aug 2019


A new product from the team at CD Rods in New Zealand. These guys are bringing the heat in new technology for fishing rods globally! One of the only of its...

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10 Aug 2019

The Warehouse - If You’re Bed Could Talk

Something new for the team at The Warehouse Group. This was a fun one to produce, something a little out of the norm for The Warehouse Group with Sigi Spath at...

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1 Aug 2019

My Food Bag

Helping out the team at My Food Bag with their latest product Made - Laura Sargisson working up a sweet little one for social. https://vimeo.com/353471121​

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18 Jul 2019

Podium | Brand

Pitchblack Partners have set their sights on the US with Podium, a new coaching app for runners, launched last week in the US with a full brand design,...

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10 Jul 2019

Puhoi - Salted Caramel

What do you get when you mix salted caramel with yogurt - absolute perfection! Working with the good people at Pitch Black Partners, throwing down some Red...

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2 Jul 2019

Kia | Cerato GT price point

We have been working with Kia for several years producing their commercials in and out of the studio with the good people at Work Communications. The latest...

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15 May 2019


The latest brand commercial for Fuso Trucks with Matt Holmes at the helm directing.  https://vimeo.com/353468512​ 

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25 Apr 2019

Meadowfresh - Growth Needs Goodness

The solo first trip to the dairy is a milestone for any Kiwi kids – and it can be their first taste of independence. Meadow Fresh's latest campaign celebrates...

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10 Apr 2019

numberone Shoes

A day of super slow motion dancing with the Phantom Flex 4K - working with the good fellas at Vision Thing and the team and numberone Shoes. Loads of price...

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14 Mar 2019


SOMETHING NEW & UNIQUE IN NZ. We have spent years filming car commercials in and out of the studio. For those studio shoots, we have always dreamed of the...

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11 Feb 2019

Welcoming Laura Sargisson

We are extremely excited to welcome Laura Sargisson to our pool of Directors!   Born and bred on the Canterbury plains, Laura is a salt of the...

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10 Feb 2019


Welcoming the elusive Andy Deere to our pool of Directors! An accomplished director, cinematographer and editor. Andy’s thoughtful and philosophical...

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9 Feb 2019


Gareth Williams is an award-winning performer & filmmaker who has been working with Reel Factory on such brands as Tourism NZ, Kia and Air...

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8 Feb 2019


Born and raised in Wisconsin in the northern United States, Jonny has been based in Los Angeles for the better part of the past decade. Directing projects for...

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7 Feb 2019

Joe & Jaydens Bay of Islands challenge

As the hot summer kicked on, Reelfactory was lucky enough to hit the bay of islands to shoot with AirNZ. With the great talent Joe Naufahu &...

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7 Feb 2019

Nat Geo / Tourism New Zealand

We are proud to have partnered with National Geographic and Tourism New Zealand for the second time around to produce a cultural expedition around our...

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5 Feb 2019

Mitre10 | Jobmate

FCB and Reel Factory teamed up to create a few 15 second commercials to show off Mitre10's new Jobmate power tools, watch below, https://vimeo.com/...

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18 Jan 2019

My Food Bag

We teamed up with Nadia Lim and the good people at My Food Bag to produce a series of content to help push the word out about their new "Ready in 20" meals...

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25 Dec 2018


MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE RF TEAM! Thankyou to everyone that has been involved in our 2018, we love you all! Bring on 2019!! See you all in the new year...

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5 Dec 2018

Chris Watkins Full-time in house DP

After Chris has been contracting for RF helping out in anyway possible since the beggining of time, He has now come on board fulltime to help the RF team in...

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1 Dec 2018

Burger King - Only App you need!

Burger King - Only App you need! Reel Factory teamed up with Y&R to create 3x 15second commercials showing you that no matter what you only need this...

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25 Nov 2018


Here we teamed up with the creative agency YoungShand to show off this different spin on a dietary supplement Phloe to keep you "Regular" Using...

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20 Nov 2018

Kiwi Saver - Sheeple

Earlier in 2018 the RF team joined up with creative agencies Flux & FCB to help spread the word on Kiwi Saver - "Dont underthink your future". Flux is...

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3 Nov 2018

Air NZ's A321Neo Hyperlaps

Our mission: Turn several weeks of filming Air New Zealand's NEW A321neo build into a smooth 3-minute film... Safe to say - mission accomplished! Big...

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12 Sep 2018

Tourism New Zealand West Coast

Earlier in the year Tourism New Zealand briefed our team in on a producing a series of content to showcase the West Coast of the South Island in New...

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23 Aug 2018

Hamburg & Air NZ

On a mission through Hamburg - This one is a goodie, we can't wait to share with everyone soon! 

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27 Jul 2018

RF Turns 5!!

5 years ago two very unimportant people were doing the best they could with an idea - and that's about all they had. Here we are today - producing content we...

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10 Jul 2018

Gatorade / All Blacks

Gatorade keeping our team hydrated through training! During the off-season, our crew worked with the good people at Colenso to produce a series of...

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3 Jul 2018

Tower Insurance - One shot wonder

How to set a house on fire from the inside - a little behind the scenes of a one-shot 1000 frame per second commercial. This is one of three commercials that...

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29 Jun 2018

Audi | RS4 TVC

We are stoked to share this 60"spot our team have produced with FCB for Audi NZ. A beautiful location, awesome crew, all of our toys and the...

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12 Jun 2018

Huntley & Palmers

We recently had a day in Century FIlm Studios shooting the new Huntley & Palmers CrackerBread spots with Assignment, can confirm they...

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8 May 2018

Kia - Hurricanes

Fast cars, stunning locations and rugby. We were stoked to produce the latest TVC for Kia Motors NZ , major partners of the Hurricanes in 2018!...

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26 Mar 2018

Samsung & Vodafone

Recently we had a bit of fun with cameras and waterslides, producing this piece with FCB New Zealand for Vodafone New Zealand and the...

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19 Mar 2018


Now offering up the only of its kind in Auckland - a dedicated high speed tracking vehicle with rock solid image stabilisation. Our STI WRX is tuned and legal...

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1 Mar 2018

2017 - 2018 SHOWREEL

After a massive 2017 we're continuing to grow, working with plenty of amazing people, brands and agencies producing some of our best projects yet. Check out...

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22 Jan 2018

Air New Zealand | Pilots

What would you say in a letter to your 8 year old self? Here's our latest piece for our mates at Air New Zealand, highlighting a day in the life of two...

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19 Jan 2018

Behind the Scenes - Kia Stinger

A behind the scenes of the latest Kia Stinger commercial. As soon as we saw the concept we knew exactly what rig would be needed to pull off one fluid shot and...

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10 Jan 2018

Kia Stinger TVC

The latest Kia Stinger commercial - one seamless 30 second shot - one epic location and a kick ass team to pull it all off - check it out here! https://...

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6 Dec 2017

Reel Factory | Car Reel 2017

One of the things we love to shoot most here at Reel Factory is vehicles. It's a perfect excuse to bring out our coolest toys and really push the limits of...

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2 Dec 2017

DOC Walks | Tourism New Zealand

Our team were lucky enough to team up with DOC and Tourism New Zealand to produce a series of content to show off some of the amazing DOC walks that we have...

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24 Nov 2017

KIA | Sorento | 2017 Retail

We love working with vehicles - so to do a bit of studio car porn is always a pleasure. Working with Kia NZ and Work Communications we shot 3 cars accoss a day...

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28 Sep 2017

Tourism New Zealand | BACKPACKAGRAM

We teamed up with the epic agency Special to produce a series of content for Tourism New Zealand to hit the Instagram market. our mission was to follow...

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20 Sep 2017

Winter Games Red Bull vs Audi

Ripping through the snow with two of the top Red Bull Skiers in the latest Audi RS6. Our team spent a couple of days in the mountains of the south island with...

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15 Sep 2017


The awesome team at Goodman Fielder wanted to bring back one of the great songs of our time and tie it in with Natures Fresh with a fresh and friendly tone. We...

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14 Sep 2017

GoodmanFielder - Behind The Scenes

Check out a behind the scenes of the Natures Fresh shoot - our team had the chance to work some amazing people from Goodman Fielder! https://vimeo.com/...

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13 Sep 2017

Air New Zealand | Fine Wines

Our crew went to discover some of the best wines in New Zealand with a team of people who would be the most experienced wine connisures in the country. Air New...

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12 Sep 2017


Stoked to announce the addition of the new Dactyl Cam Pro to the fleet. Built for the largest Cinema applications up to 100lbs with speeds of 60kmph and high...

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10 Aug 2017

Tourism New Zealand | Road Trips | Episode 01

We were blessed with an awesome creative from the Facebook Creative agency to work with Tourism New Zealand on a series of content that would be pushed to the...

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30 Jul 2017

Tui Brewery - Short & Wide

The Short & Wide team visitied the Tui Brewery and showed off the beauty of Mangatanioka. A pleasure to work with the awesome crew at Colenso...

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26 Jul 2017

Tui Brewery | Short and Wide | Wheel of Misfortune

The Short & Wide lads gave away an awesome experience for a bunch of fans at one of the Hurricanes games in Wellington - but one of the mates had to take a...

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18 Jul 2017

Reel Factory, Hollywood, National Geographic and Tourism NZ

It's not every day Reel Factory mixes with Hollywood. On this shoot, we travelled the country with the amazing Bryce Dallas Howard producing content for...

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29 Jun 2017

Tower Insurance TVC

Crashing a car, smashing a window, wrecking a laptop and lighting a room on fire was all in a couple of days work for the Tower Insurance TVC with...

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29 Jun 2017

Auckland Transport - Red Light Runners

We teamed up with the good people at Work Communications and Auckland transport to produce a piece of content to try help the increasing numbers of people...

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16 Jun 2017

Air New Zealand - All Blacks Apprentice

From Ireland to LA, Nelson to Auckland, we went far and wide over a week which I'm sure Colm Jr and Brooklyn will never forget! Air New Zealand...

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29 May 2017

Healtheries Vit C | TVC 2017

A creative from the crew at Work Communications with Healtheries - we proposed to shoot the concept in SUPER SLOW motion to really show off what is in...

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2 May 2017

Kia Rio 2017

The all new Kia Rio - fair to say we love producing car commercials! Shot with the Red Dragon utilising the Shotover U1 gimbal on our Cinema Ranger, Movi...

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6 Apr 2017

Air NZ First Haul

12.01am March 1st, Oyster season kicks off in the Bluff. We sent a crew to capture this piece for Air New Zealand with Nourish Group. Working...

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31 Mar 2017

KIA | Backing Black and Yellow

Shooting these beasts in training mode was epic - awesome to produce this spot for Kia and The Hurricanes 2017 relationship!   Check it out here:...

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14 Mar 2017


Over the years we have been lucky enough to work on some amazing projects with some very talented people. Here's a small portion of the projects we produced...

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8 Mar 2017


Always a pleasure to produce content with inspirational people - cheers Air New Zealand #InternationalWomensDay   Watch Here: https://...

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1 Feb 2017

Another crazy Mad Mike project!

Link: https://vimeo.com/201194707 Another crazy project from our boy Mad Mike and the team at Red Bull. Always a pleasure to work with these guys! DOP:...

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21 Jan 2017

Red Bull Defiance 2017

Four seasons in two days didn't stop Red Bull Defiance  132 competitors, traversing 142km of varied terrain, under several severe...

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19 Jan 2017

Tourism New Zealand | Sidharth Malhotra

Video highlights of Bollywood star Sidharth Malhotra's second visit to New Zealand helped launch Tourism New Zealand’s latest campaign in India last week,...

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11 Jan 2017

Shapeshifter "Her" music video

Was a blast working with the Shapeshifter boys on this one. Dans vision coupled with the track created a beauty of a piece - this little number has a lot of...

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8 Dec 2016

Jaguar - The Art of Performance

We worked with Y&R and flew down to Christchurch to check out and capture the Jaguar "Art of Performance" Tour. Unfortunately we didn't get a drive but...

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28 Nov 2016

Burger King - Joseph Parker $2 Whoppers

Was a pleasure working with our mate Joe again, leading in to his WBO World Title Fight. We worked with Colenso on this and layed the $2 Whopper deal...

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24 Nov 2016

Unitec - Looks like a classroom to us "Sport Science"

This was the second in the "Looks like a classroom to us" series which we created alongside Republik for Unitec. We had a blast out on the West Coast both...

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17 Oct 2016

Unitec - Looks like a classroom to us "Architecture"

The Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae was the perfect setting for the "Architecture" piece in the "Looks like classroom to us" series for Unitec. We teamed up with...

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4 Oct 2016


SHOTOVER systems represent the next generation in aerial cinematography, allowing filmmakers to work faster and more efficiently while delivering...

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3 Oct 2016

My Food Bag - Meadow Restaurant Takeover

My Food Bag did a takeover of Meadow Restaurant and we were there to capture it! Video https://vimeo.com/185735378 Client Pead PR / My Food Bag...

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1 Sep 2016

Air New Zealand - You Got Sprung

With the help of our mate Julian Dennison, we went around the country brightening up peoples days for the first day of spring with Air New Zealand. ...

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25 Aug 2016


Sports broadcasting has three new kids on the block, with self-proclaimed failed sportsmen, George Harper Jnr, Anthony (Ants) Niterl, and ...

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24 Aug 2016

Kia Cerato | LX Hatch 2016

For the latest Kia Cerato commercial we teamed up with the good people at Work Communications. The concept was awesome to work on from begging to end,...

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10 Aug 2016

The NEW Cinema Ranger

The first of its kind in New Zealand, proud to announce our new Ford Ranger has been rigged for use with our brand new Shotover U1G Stabilized...

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8 Aug 2016


Our crew love food and wine so its was a great fit to team up with the awesome people at Tourism New Zealand and Problem Child to produce this little number....

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28 Jul 2016

Healtheries Tea 2016

Healtheries know you need to start your day with a cup of goodness, a cup of focus, a cup of Healtheries Green Tea with NZ blueberries bursting with...

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15 Jun 2016

Tourism NZ Luxury - Taupo

Tourism New Zealand approached our team about producing some content directly around their Luxury Market, which fits perfectly with our produciton style. For...

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8 Jun 2016

Auckland Transport - Cycleways

The agency Federation asked us to jump on board the new Auckland Cycleways campaign to show off the latest Auckland City Council work. A colourful number...

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19 May 2016

New World - Winter Inspiration

Settle in for the weekend with this tasty homemade pizza from New Worlds latest series of Winter Inspiration commercials. Produced with agency ....

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11 May 2016

Air New Zealand - Active Wear

Active Wear is part 2 of the "Trolley Runners" parody series we produced for Air New Zealand in the lead up to the Air New Zealand Hawkes Bay...

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9 May 2016

Air New Zealand - Pimp My Trolley

We had a great time shooting with Air New Zealand for Pimp My Trolley, the engineer lads killed it! This was part 1 of 2 parody pieces we produced in...

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17 Apr 2016

Rip Curl Raglan Pro 2016 Surfing

We were stoked to work with Sky Sports on this and hook up the first ever Aerial Live Broadcast of a Surf event in our beautiful country. The Raglan Pro...

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29 Feb 2016


Reel Factory had a great summer of cricket with Sky TV supplying Live Slow Motion replays and Live Drone scenics for the broadcast.  Our crew...

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10 Feb 2016

Latest Show Reel for 2015 - 2016

https://vimeo.com/154647498    We are all about creating lasting stories and bringing to life perspectives that are not normally seen by the...

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4 Feb 2016

Lewis Road Creamery TVC

We hit the studio to produce this Lewis Road Creamery TVC using the Phantom Flex 4k. The perfect piece of kit to capture ice cream in all it's glory...

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Redbull Defiance, redbull NZ, Wanaka, New Zealand
25 Jan 2016

Red Bull Defiance 2016

Over two brutal days, multi-sport athletes from all over the world battled Wanaka’s rugged landscape and challenging weather conditions to complete the brutal...

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rio olympics, vanuatu, reel factory, drone, cinema drone, aerials, aerial cinematography, auckland, new zealand, movi, aeronavice
16 Jan 2016

Rio Olympics - Samsung commercial

Our crew joined a great team from New York for a beautifully shot piece in Vanuatu. The commercial has been produced for Samsung, aorund the Rio Olympics...

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16 Oct 2015

Backyard Cricket with a twist - Sidarth Malhotra

We ventured up to a glacier out of Queenstown via a couple of helicopters - packing a full crew, a Bollywood super star and a few cricket legends we turned...

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beats by area, Richie McCaw, rugby world cup, production, aerial cinematography, drone, heavy lift, movi, freely systems
17 Sep 2015

Richie McCaw in The Game Starts Here - Beats by Dre

As being one of the only cpompanies in NZ to be operating a cinema drone system capable of lifting Alexa and Red camera's we get to work on some pretty awesome...

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Phantom 4K Flex, New world commercial, 1000fps
12 Sep 2015

New World - Phantom 4K Flex

  We were stoked to be commissioned a series of commercials produced for New Worlds new summer series of price point. All shot with the Phantom 4K...

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Reel Factory in Queenstown, New Zealand
26 Aug 2015

Audi Quattro Winterfest Queenstown

Our crew teamed up with Tourism NZ and a few of the local sports stars to show off some epic activities that are available on tap in the Queenstown region....

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13 Aug 2015


Reel Factory have teamed up with the lads from Short and Wide to produce the newest show on the block, set to entertain social media’s largest audience. This...

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12 Aug 2015

AIR NEW ZEALAND #Wheretonext

The crew from Exit films approached us about shooting elements for a big project, we were super excited to find out it was for the new Air New Zealand...

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5 Aug 2015


Amazon surf wanted to produce their first ever television commercial with their theme of Surf, Skate, Denim.  The concept was put together by Cam Neat for...

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31 Jul 2015


A music video produced by our crew from concept through to delivery for a great up and coming artist Ash Graham. Director: Marc McCarthy DOP: Dan...

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5 Jul 2015


The Phantom 4K Flex has been busy on commercials over the past couple of months, heres an awesome commercial from Cadbury, all the beautiful slow motion of the...

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4 Jul 2015


Sky Sports have contracted the Reel Factory crew as their key aerial team for all major live broadcast events. Heres a few nice aerials from the night of the...

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2 Jul 2015


Shot entirely on the Phantom Flex4K the latest series of commercials for the new series of MasterChef 2015! Using the camera to its full potential from 25FPS...

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30 Apr 2015


With one month to go for the Fifa U20’s World Cup held in New Zealand - Fifa and Tourism New Zealand wanted to create a launch video different to anything that...

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26 Mar 2015

Cricket World Cup

Reel Factory hits another first for New Zealand, delivering crisp live aerials to live broadcast on the world stage for the Cricket World Cup series in New...

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20 Mar 2015

Phantom4K Flex

For the first time in New Zealand, a camera capable of filming super slow motion at a 4K resolution is now readily available – Reel Factory ‘s catalogue of...

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12 Mar 2015


As a test for Tourism New Zealand our team were commissioned by Tourism New Zealand to produce a series around “Things to do” for the Northland region. From...

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9 Mar 2015

Quality NZ

Quality NZ approached the RF team several months ago about the concept of producing a TV show to be aired on television throughout India on Star TV. Our crew...

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28 Feb 2015

Vodafone Warriors

Sky Sports Promo director came to us with a concept for a new series of commercials for the Vodafone Warriors season of 2015. Shot over two days with various...

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19 Dec 2014


Reel Factory has taken ownership of two new complete camera kits. Sony’s latest addition to its large sensor line is a complete camera system that delivers...

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15 Dec 2014


In conjunction with Tournsim New Zealan, Air New Zealand the The Hobbit – our team were commissioned to follow a story of a special piece of The Hobbit set to...

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8 Nov 2014

Worlds biggest Hobbit fans

Tourism New Zealand in association with Air New Zealand and “The Hobbit” launched a competition across the globe to find the worlds biggest Hobbit fans....

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