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An accomplished director, cinematographer and editor. Andy’s thoughtful and philosophical approach, combining aesthetic principles has helped secure his reputation as a director who excels in a variety of genres.  


Starting his career in the confines of a cozy edit suite, Andy stepped out into the glare of the real world and has since adapted his skill-set to Directing. He has spent his recent years traveling the globe telling visually compelling stories for Red Bull. His fast-paced life directing/shooting/editing all over the globe has left him with a set of skills you can't find on the internet or read in a self-help book. His projects have been personal, organic and technically savvy, which makes them powerfully compelling for the various markets around the globe. His recently completed feature-length documentary 'Bludgeon' premiered in the NZIFF and has been selected for film festivals around the world.​


Intelligent, nimble, creative and aware, he is one of the new breeds of directors who feast's on story and technology.