Air New Zealand - KEEP China

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Curtis Vowell
Hamish Trott
True - Air New Zealand
Liddy Wardaugh
Production Company: 
Reel Factory


Air New Zealand partnered with KEEP, China's #1 fitness app to send some of their most famous influencers down to New Zealand to explore the most beautiful natural gym in the world.

We were stoked to work alongside True and our new mates from KEEP - Eric, Kevin and Innereal to get around the country and capture them doing their thing!

This is the hero piece from a series we created for the Chinese market.

Producer: Camillo Spath

Production Co-Ord: Amie Gellert

Gaffer: Chris Watkins

Camera Assist: Scott Sinton

Pilot: Corey Ealand

Sound: Phil Donovan

Sound Mix: Franklin Road



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