Representing the intersection of Art and Technology 

A Boutique Production company created to bring the best high end capture techniques and post production services to allow unrestricted creativity. Reel Factory owns and operates only the best camera systems currently on the market for digital cinema production.

We are story tellers by nature, bringing a unique light to each project is what our passion is. Our crew are here to take on all facets of entertainment in the creation of commercials, corporate films, motion pictures, music videos and television series. With our team of in house specialist directors, pre and post production crew, DOP's and not to mention Phantom, aerial cinematography, stabilization platforms and custom made cinema rigs - Reel Factory has the means to push a project to its limits in every visual aspect. We do things a little differently than most - bringing a unique dynamic to any project.


Wether you are just working on a concept or you know exactly what you want, our one stop studio can take care of all your needs. Our unique production equipment, post production facilities and full turn key operations allow us the flexibility and technical power to create something fresh for our clients.  Everything we do is set up to make you, your product or vision look as unique as possible.

Reel Factory are the only production company in New Zealand to offer an arsenal of in house specialty camera systems to this extent, our pool of equipment is forever updating with the rapid change in production and technology. Our equipment list consists of the following systems all operated in house by our tech crew.

  • Phantom Flex4K system
  • IMovix Phantom Flex4K full live broadcast package
  • Heavy lift cinema drone systems for all types of aerial cinematography
  • Live broadcast drone system
  • Light lift drone system
  • Cable Cam systems for live broadcast and commercial production
  • Customised stabilisation systems, Movi M15 & M10
  • Custom cinema vehicle
  • A fleet of digital 4K cinema camera’s
  • Full line production services
  • Specialist Directors
  • Selection of DOP's
  • Complete post production facilities
  • Industry leading tech’s and directors

Our crew are constantly pushing the envelope in the every aspect of the tech movement. Reel Factory represents the intersection of art and technology – focused on the task of inventing solutions to allow unrestricted creativity.